MATRIX Infocom.


MATRIX Infocom is a global software development company offering software development, web and multimedia based solutions to it’s large pool of clients.
MATRIX Infocom was founded with the clear objective of creating high-value intellectual property. In keeping with this spirit, we entered the intensely competitive, yet highly rewarding Software Development space by designing and deploying cutting-edge products for global clients.

Our suit of services:-

    Internet Portals
    Internet Websites
    Enterprise Portals
    Search Engines

    Database Application
    J2EE, .Net and PHP Development
    Client/Server Application
    CD-ROM Databases
    Web-enabled Databases

Training/ Documentation

Web Hosting

Today, Web Media is one of the many integral divisions of MATRIX Infocom, working almost round the clock in an attempt to win the race against the deadlines. And in order to achieve this it employs many good professionals in a hard working environment. It takes the services of a web-media manager, designers, web programmers and data managers to meet the targets.

Our goal is to provide ubiquitous technology with superior functionality and flexibility. That’s why we are enjoying excellent customer’s satisfaction.


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